Vanessa Wolff
Vanessa Wolff
yogi, digital strategist

Samsung Social Sails

Connecting Australians with their beloved cultural icon

The problem

Over the past few years, Samsung has moved fast, rapidly becoming one of the world's leading technology brands.

But through such a rapid period of development, have they been able to develop a passionate Australian fan base that connect with the brand on a deep and emotional level? We knew their number one competitor had.

With the launch of the Samsung GALAXY S4 fast approaching, we needed to show that Samsung wasn't just a tech company, but a revolutionary lifestyle brand that people should feel proud to be connected with.

The solution

We created an event that would inspire Australians to think differently about the brand.

For the first time ever, we lit up the sails of Australia's most beloved cultural icon, the Sydney Opera House, with the faces of everyday Australians, giving them a stage to connect with both the country and the brand like never before.

Fans were invited to submit photos that captured what it meant to be Australian to a campaign microsite, to be projected onto the sails of the Opera House using state of the art 3D mapping technology for one special night.

Within 10 days, enough people had visited the campaign microsite to fill the Opera House to capacity 5 times over and thousands of wonderful photos were submitted.

On the night, people flocked to Sydney Harbour to experience the projection, sharing their experience and photos online across a range of social media channels.

The results

The event trended globally on Twitter and produced 4.2 million Facebook impressions. Without any above-the-line media spend, Samsung Social Sails generated a total 15 million dollars in earned media impressions.

The campaign, which was conceived and executed in only three weeks, ignited global awareness for the Samsung GALAXY S4 and put Sydney on the world stage. Best of all though, Australians gained an emotional connection with the Samsung brand, giving them an occasion and a stage to demonstrate their national pride in a way they could never have imagined.

Campaign results

4.2 million Facebook impressions

$15 million Value of earned media impressions