Vanessa Wolff
Vanessa Wolff
yogi, digital strategist

Samsung stadium

A mobile platform transforming the way Australians experience rugby

The challenge

Transform the way people experienced rugby using the British Lion's tour - a major fixture in the Rugby international calendar - as the platform.

The problem

There is nothing like being in the venue for the big game - but with the tour sold out months in advance and tens of thousands of Australian fans unable to get a seat we needed to innovate and bring the event to the fans like never before.

The solution

The Samsung Stadium: a virtual, augmented, real-time, mobile sports experience - if a rugby fan couldn't make the game, we brought the game to them through alternative live commentary, exclusive content, social responses and an online community - all in one connected mobile app experience.

The alternative live commentary from the iconic sports comedy duo Roy & HG on the mobile app gave fans the ability to experience the tests anywhere, bringing the stadium into living rooms, pubs and parties across Australia - one fan even tuned in from a wedding reception.


An integrated ecosystem of media communications drove app downloads and traffic to the Samsung Stadium website and YouTube channel.

The results

Our connected stadium was more popular than the real one - the mobile experience totaling over 60,000 users. The technology built into the app was processing up to 10,000 tweets a minute and we served a total of 2.4 million twitter impressions during the campaign. Samsung brand consideration rose up to 42% and purchase intent to 64%.

Evergreen platform

Most importantly, this record-breaking attendance inspired Samsung to declare this idea an evergreen platform for connecting live events - recently launching the 'Samsung Winter Stadium' for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi - allowing us to continue to transform the way Australians experience sport well beyond 2013. .

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Campaign results

2.3 million Total Twitter impressions

60,000 Active Samsung Stadium members

42% Samsung brand consideration

64% Samsung purchase intent